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Exchange 2007/2010 bulk import contacts

1. Create CSV file in the following format;


2. Detail fields accordingly.

3. Import-Csv contacts.csv | ForEach { New-MailContact -Name $_.displayName -Firstname $_.FirstName -LastName $_.LastName -ExternalEmailAddress¬†¬†¬† $_.EmailNddress -OrganizationalUnit “Domain.Local/MyBusiness/Contacts” }


Windows Update Error 800B0001

Thanks to KW for the post (

KB2720211 resolves a known issue with SBS servers/clients not able to check for updates using the on-premise WSUS box, checking online works fine.

Note: No reboot necessary after patch is installed.



RDWeb application failing to launch from a Sharepoint location

Fix as below –

  1. Ensure the address is added to your repository of Trusted Sites
  2. In Internet Explorer, click Tools -> Internet options -> Security -> Trusted Sites -> Custom Level…
  3. Set
    Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting
    to Enabled