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Export Outlook groups to new profile

MigrationWiz didn’t seem to migrate the Outlook groups within a user’s profile to Office 365. To do so –

Go through steps 1-3, above, and THEN do the following:

  1. Open the PST file within Outlook
  2. Go to the Contacts for the PST file you opened
  3. Change the View to List View
  4. There’s a little icon, paper icon … Right Click on it and choose to arrange by Location ….
  5. Click on the little icon to sort by icon … This places all your distribution lists “together” 🙂
  6. Select all the distribution lists
  7. Either Copy and Paste into the NEW Destination Contacts list, i.e., the Rackspace Account OR Simply drag them
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Transfer Outlook 2010 Auto-complete cache

Previous versions of Outlook used an .NK2 file to store the auto-complete cache however Outlook 2010 now stores this information in a .DAT file, namely Stream_Autocomplete_XXX where XXX are a string of HEX. To move this .DAT file;

1. Close Outlook

2. Browse to C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\RoamCache.

3. Find the file with the latest date modified and copy to removable media.

4. On the target machine, paste the file to the same directory.

5. Launch Outlook to confirm the transfer has completed successfully.

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GPO Printers defaulting to Letter within Outlook 2010

Had an issue today whereby a printer mapped via GPO, even though the defaults were set to print to paper type A4, Outlook 2010 was setting the printer to print as Letter. In order to rectify this, there needs to be manual intervention unfortunately – 

1. Click File -> Print -> Print Options

2. Select Memo Style under Print Style and click Page Setup…

3. Click Paper and set the paper type to your choice


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